Sunday, November 13, 2016

Auto Injury Treatment

If you just went through an auto accident and are experiencing any discomfort, it best you get yourself a thorough evaluation right away.

Dr. Kline specializes in neck and back pain and can work with your insurance company to be sure there are no abnormalities that could develop into a serious condition.

Whether you have been rear-ended or side swiped, any quick jolts in your spine can render some level of discomfort; although the most common symptomp include whiplash, neck pain, and/or lower back pain, there is a greater risk as you could have light to severe neurological nerve damage.

Dr. Kline's office is conveniently located close to popular auto body and repair shoppes such as Carlsbad Collision Center; just a mile east of I-5 on Palomar Airport Road. We understand the ordeal you've been through, we want to make it as convenient as possible to you and your family. It is time you find care that restores you back to a normal active life in San Diego.

Auto Injury Treatment

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